HindiPick the Best Hair Oil to Achieve Long & Shiny Hair!

Pick the Best Hair Oil to Achieve Long & Shiny Hair!

Hair oiling is a staple in any hair care regimen. Times are changing, and so are our hair care needs. With prolonged exposure to environmental stressors, looking after your scalp health with a nourishing oil is essential. This first and foremost step in hair care lays the foundation for every other step, allowing your scalp to receive nourishment and making your strands appear well-nourished. Weekly massaging your scalp can do wonders for your hair. So, we will talk about the many benefits of using the best hair oil in your hair care. 

The concept of oiling your hair has been introduced previously. There was a time when our nannies and grannies would massage the scalp every weekend and give us a nice champi. Honestly, those were the days of natural and chemical-free hair care. With advancements in the beauty industry, where more and more chemicals are being introduced, finding a natural product for yourself might be overwhelming. However, if you are worried about finding a safe, gentle, and natural oil for your hair, we have the right pick for you. Read along!

Benefits of using a potent oil in your hair care

Just like your skin requires daily moisturization, your hair is no different. The importance of using the best hair oil in the routine still needs to be addressed. Nothing can help restore the natural shine and luster of the hair, just like good oil for hair. It helps stimulate new hair growth, adds shine, infuses moisture, and treats frizzy ends. It is an excellent treatment for those with colored or chemically-treated hair. Let’s talk about the many benefits of using an oil for hair:-

  • Strengthens & protects hair
    Oiling has multifaceted benefits for hair. It works by nourishing hair and increasing its tensile strength, thus reducing the chance of frizziness and preventing breakage. It effortlessly adds much-needed nutrition to the strands.
  • Prevents external damage
    Exposure of hair to the external environment is risky. Oil coats hair strands, forming a protective layer on the shaft. This is a pre-requisite benefit for those with colored or chemically treated hair, as it treats dryness and restores nutrients.
  • Stimulates hair growth
    There is a reason why head massages with oil feel therapeutic. Massaging your scalp with hot oil can help stimulate blood circulation to the follicles, bringing nutrients to the roots, improving growth, and preventing hair breakage. 
  • Hydrates the hair strands
    Oils like rosemary oil help condition and strengthen hair while reducing frizz. They can also help minimize the signs leading to an unhealthy scalp environment and curb dandruff or inflammation without harming or compromising your hair’s health. 
  • Tames frizz & improves manageability
    Dry or brittle ends make hair seem frizzy. Using the best hair oil can help. For example, rosemary oil can help create a physical barrier between the environment and the strands, thus reducing frizz and protecting the tresses. 
  • Maintains colored or chemically treated hair
    Oils help coat the strands with moisture, which is essential for maintaining chemically treated hair. Harsh chemicals or toxins may break the bond between the hair cells, which oils tend to repair, making it a daily essential for people with colored hair. 
  • Keeps dandruff and itchiness at bay
    An itchy scalp with white pearls falling off doesn’t feel good. Hair products with antibacterial or anti-inflammatory properties help curb flaky and itchy scalp. Using the best hair oil enriched with these properties helps hydrate your scalp, relieving dandruff. 
  • Relieves stress and calms the mind
    Beat your daily stress levels by regularly massaging your scalp with a nourishing oil. This helps boost blood circulation in the cells, thereby relieving stress and promoting relaxation. Oils with calming scents also help relax your mind.

Try these formulations from Mamaearth

If you’re looking for a well-formulated oil for yourself, an ideal recommendation here is Mamaearth Hibiscus Damage Repair Hair Oil. It features the natural goodness of Hibiscus, Curry Leaves Oil, Bhringraj Oil, and Almond Oil to promote healthy hair with complete care and nutrition. 

It is a potent formulation with the best oils to make your hair thick and strong, prevent breakage, restore shine, and strengthen roots. It repairs damaged hair, treats dry ends, and gives you long and shiny hair with regular use. It is MadeSafe Certified, contains no harsh chemicals, and is suitable for daily use. 

Mamaearth is Asia’s first brand to offer MadeSafe products for skin, hair, and baby care. It has many products to fortify healthy hair and improve the scalp environment. From hair shampoos to conditioners, oils, and serums, it has everything you need to enhance the look of your hair. The products are also free of harsh chemicals or toxins that may otherwise cause hair damage. These ranges are best suited for those who prefer undergoing chemical treatments or styling their hair with styling tools. 

Yet another of its best-sellers is Rosemary Oil for those with dry or frizzy hair. Whether it’s environmental aggressors or excessive use of chemicals, this oil can help repair your damaged hair. It strengthens weakened roots, controls hair fall, and stimulates new growth. It has the goodness of Rosemary, Methi Dana, Bhringraj, and Curry Leaves. Rich in antioxidants, these ingredients help prevent free radical damage, fortify follicles, and replenish your hair. This Rosemary Oil for hair is MadeSafe Certified without harsh toxins or chemicals. 


Hair oiling is massaging your hair and scalp with an oil to improve moisture levels and add shine to the strands. It also helps fortify hair with vitamins and minerals that are stripped from frequent cleansing. This ancient practice has been used in India to enhance hair and relieve stress from the body, promoting holistic health. According to Ayurveda, it helps maintain the vibrancy of the hair and may even reduce hair breakage. While hair oiling has many benefits, practicing it twice weekly can help you gain maximum results. 

However, choosing the suitable formulations for our unique hair types and goals is also essential. While selecting the right product for your hair concern, pay attention to the brand’s ideology and how it resonates with you. Safe and gentle formulations made with the best of nature can help you achieve your goals easily and carefully. Mamaearth is a brand that offers chemical and toxin-free products for everyone, and you will love its diverse range. You may stroll through their website and choose the best hair oil for yourself. 


This article provides general information only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult with a specialist or your own doctor for more information. Well Health Organic does not take responsibility for this information.

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